Adventure awaits 

I love looking out the window of planes. Wondering what’s going on below, what experiences are waiting for me and just the thought that a new adventure awaits ✈️🌏💫  


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  1. Anisa says:

    I always try to get a window seat. Love the view from the plane especially when landing!


    1. Me too! Have you seen the camera now where you can watch the plane from take off and landing. It’s fab but also a bit scary!

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      1. Anisa says:

        You mean the one of the view from the cockpit? I haven’t seen that on very many flights.


  2. abbyrhoade says:

    I love being at the window seat!! I’m always taking photos out of the window, too! And it’s probably weird, but lately I really like sitting a few rows behind the wings–makes for crazy beautiful photos and the nerd in me likes watching the aerodynamics in action 😉


  3. Moritz says:

    Pictures out of airplanes are indeed the most amazing ones! There’s so much to see from up on 30000 feet! 🙂

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    1. Completely agree!! My favourite

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