Australia Day 

Silly me I thought I had uploaded this on Australia Day but it was saved in my drafts. 

I love Australia Day mainly because I’m fiercely proud of my country and where I am from. It’s a day when I think of home on usually a cold and chilly UK day. I get jealous of the public holiday, the sun, the lamingtons, the BBQs, the fun everyone is having loving our beautiful country. However I know that Australia Day isn’t the same for all Australians. Especially our indigenous Australians its the date that represents when their land was taken and when they were invaded. 

And for that I am sorry. 

This is why I’m Dreaming of days on beaches like this and with so much respect, understanding and hope that one  day that all of Australia can celebrate our beautiful island home together on a day that causes no pain only pride for ALL in our nation. 

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