Found 3 types of currencies in my purse. A sure fire sign I should have cleaned out my purse months ago 💰🤑I have a terrible habit of just mixing up my currencies which can get everso frustrating when trying to pay for something in change. 

I even have a mixed currencies jar which has all sorts in it so far one to many time of pulling out my $2 coin I finally made my purse pounds and pence only. 

Any tips on what you do with your spare foreign coins?



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  1. Debbie H says:

    Come home and spend the coins here!!


    1. Haha I will At Christmas don’t worry x

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      1. Debbie H says:

        Can’t wait 😊😊


  2. I have a pot next to my bed with all my spare coins in from all the places I’ve been – my favorites are my Icelandic coins with fish on them!

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    1. Ohhh not seen those yet!! But hoping to go to Iceland later this year so I’ll make sure I bring some back for the collection


  3. vinneve says:

    Some airlines asked for this for charity. Or other airports have their donation box like in Auckland a huge glass one for everyone to drop their coins or spare monies for charities too! 🙂

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