Ticked off the bucket list


Trying to be ‘NYC cool’ and failing miserably 😂😂 crossing the Brooklyn bridge is now ✔️ off the bucket list 
I visited NYC 6 years ago but was only there for a flying visit so stayed in mid town however my trip earlier this year I was determined to make sure I walked across the bridge. 

It was wet, miserable, grey and cold but really none of that mattered as in my eyes  it was even more beautiful. 

I can’t recommend strongly enough that if your in NYC you should go and walk to Brooklyn. The city views, the bridge itself, the Statue of Liberty and all the people you meet along the way. Even some silly tourist taking pics while jumping in the air. 

Here is a couple of  my favourite pics from the Brookly Bridge 



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  1. volmenade says:

    I love your photos and their atmosphere.


    1. Thank you so much. These are some of my favs from my trip to NYC


  2. We walked over day and night in January, it was fun!


    1. I wish I had of done it at night as well. Bet it was so beautiful seeing the city all lit up

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  3. Gorgeous Pics! As you say, even despite the rain – it looks wonderful 🙂 I hope to head this way at some point! Haven’t quite got around to exploring the rest of Europe yet 🙂


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    1. Thanks so much. You certainly should try and get over there. It’s an amazing city! I’m with you I’ve still so much to see in Europe x


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