UK Heatwave*

* I use this term very loosely

As an Aussie kid I know a thing or too about summer – and I mean a proper summer not this one day (or week) of sun.

We swam in creeks,  weren’t allowed out at lunch unless we had a hat on, didn’t have air con managed to not only function like a normal human being but also NEVER mutted the words ‘it’s too hot’. 

Now imagine my surprise that after 10 years of living in the UK I have now become a climatised as what to expect for the great British summer, And that the one day it’s over 30 degrees I’m there with my pommy  friends struggling to cope. 

Today I’ve eaten 3 ice lollies, let my team finish early as it was too hot to keep them working, had the aircon in my car up full ball, taken a photo of the temperature gauge (obvs), checked on the weather for the rest of the week (like 100 times) to see if this will last longer than a week, faked smiled when 20 people said ‘your Australian you should be used to this’ and  then struggled to actually do anything constructive- Because. Of. The. Heat(!) 


Who am I ?!
England just isn’t equipped to cope with this sort of weather. There was actually news articles about how bosses shouldn’t let people work if it was over 30 degrees. But it is really is so lovely when it’s nice. The shackles of the grey doom and gloom melts away and everyone is in the parks at lunch and after work, everyone is out walking/cycling/sporting, tescos runs out of ice lollies as all the work places are buying them, fan sales sky rocket  and everyone just looks… Happy. 

So yes I’m dissapointed that my Aussie bred body is struggling like an English rose but you know what if our summer for this year is just going to be this one week of heatwave then I’m going to bloody enjoy it. As I’ll only be complaining about the rain and lack of sun before to long. 


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20 thoughts on “UK Heatwave*”

  1. I’m sorry but I just had to laugh at this – your Aussie citizenship might have to be looked into! Enjoy your warm days and I’m glad you are at least having a few days of summer.

  2. Wow you’re a true Brit. 🙂
    I find that although we are all pretty rubbish at coping with the heat, we do really appreciate it when it’s nice outside. The little park outside my office is completely full at lunch when the sun comes out. 🙂

      1. It’s funny though. I seem to forget the grey days. When I think of the UK in winter, I imagine the really chilly blue-sky days!

  3. I’m still laughing about this! Coming from South of Italy means knowing what it means having to sleep on mattress on the floor during summer because of the heat! In my 20 years here in London I have lost count of the times I had to use our heavier duvet during the summer….after the legendary heat wave!
    I love it….”the legendary British heat wave”

  4. hand back that aussie citizenship. i couldnt handle the temperatures of the UK. Nothing gave me more pleasure sailing out of there towards the tropics

  5. I’m from Canada and the Montreal winters were brutal but once we had a nice day we forgot all about it. Seasonal amnesia! Enjoy it while you can, although we all need something to complain about.

  6. That’s so funny! It’s amazing how fast we can get used to things elsewhere when traveling =)
    You’re right about how much a place being equipped for extreme weather is though. I’m a U.S. northerner living in the South, and they do not know how to handle a little snow here!

    1. I hear ya! England struggles in the heat and when it snows. We have a small amount of snow and trains stop, people don’t go to work and everyone acts like we’ve had meters in meters of snow. So funny!

  7. We are not great at heat in the uk, I live in Scotland and we are even less so! I actually hope we get lots of heat this year as love getting washing and my boys outside

  8. Haha, love this! My sister just moved to Alaska and now complains how hot it is in the spring at 50F. I’d be wearing a coat in that weather!

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