I wanted to go out and see something in my local area today but as per most people I’ve seen a lot of the key places. What’s a girl to do next- well if your me you go onto Instagram and look for inspiration.

I live in Somerset in the UK so went onto @loveforsomerset feed and saw a pic of this fab light house in Burnham on Sea .

Nice little walk along the beach and 100 or so photos later and now I’m here sharing with you. Goes to show you gotta keep uploading your travel pics you never know who’ll come across them and set off in your footsteps 👣👣👣🌏

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11 thoughts on “Inspiration ”

  1. Well how weird…the other week we booked to go to Somerset in September! My husband would love snapping this lighthouse with his camera. Thank you!

  2. What an awesome way to discover a new place to explore! Love the shots – it’s far too cold/windy here (New Hampshire) for a walk on the beach, but I feel like I took a stroll vicariously through your photos!

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