Welcome home -sort of 

This time last week I was here….  on the other side of the world, in the sun, seeing new things.

However today I’ve just had two days back in work, freezing my butt off in the cold and wistfully looking at holiday snaps trying to believe it’s not over.

I’ve put together 9 things I’ve noticed about coming back to reality and routine after a long and amazing trip.

Jet lag

Anyone whose been on long haul travel knows the joy of jet lag. Wide awake at 4am and then fading fast come 4pm. Your body and mind are lost in some weird time loop. You don’t know what day it is, how to function or even who you are. Trying to function at work is ok for about 2 hours max.

‘how was your trip’

EVERYONE will ask this regardless of if they care or are just being polite. The thing you need to remember is you probably have a minuet if not less to respond. Not everyone is going to want to know all the details. Pick one funny antidote and form a quickly reply. Save the indepth synopsis of your trip for your besties.

‘bet your glad to be back’

Like ‘how was your trip’ in the first couple of days you’ll hear this just as much. Don’t roll your eyes and slap them. Just smile and say yep. Then walk away, get your phone out to look at your holiday snaps and cry. Quietly you don’t people to think your weird.

Forgetting slightly what you actually do

Once you’ve made your cuppa, had a few chats with co workers (see points above) you finally sit down at your desk and stare at the screen racking your brain about what you actually do. Give it 10 min and then with a bolt it all suddenly comes back and you start questioning should you really have returned. Or you get onto to booking the next trip.

Looking out the window isn’t pretty

Usually while your trying to get back into the swing of things you’ll find yourself looking (note staring) out the window wondering when the world became so grey. Gone is the endless blue oceans, green green trees, glaring sunlight and the freedom of the big wide world.


Yes you need to put a bra on. It’s usually ideal to slap on some make up and even run a comb through your hair. You don’t want to .. but your back in the professional world now and the flip flops, shorts, messy hair and bikini top just won’t cut it. It’s sad but true

You aren’t with your travelling companion

If you’ve travel with a friend/partner or family you would have most likely spent all day everyday with them. They were their for the amazing, the not so good and also the ugly. Having those first days back in reality without them is WEIRD. When you suddenly remember something funny they aren’t there by your side laughing and if even if you were looking forward to a bit of time on your own you just miss them.


In a positive note you have Internet all day everyday. You phone isn’t just a camera you can use it properly without having to search for free wifi or debate with yourself if the data roaming charges are worth it.

Cling film

Now I’m almost positive this doesn’t happen to everyone but.. sometime your work colleagues will like to remind you why you went away in the first place. My team wrapped my desk and everything in it in cling film. Yes the entire desk

Hopefully if you’ve been in this situation you can relate. It’s been a tough couple of days but it’s all worth it for the amazing time I had.

One of my favourite quotes is ‘don’t be sad it’s over but glad that it happened’ and over the last few days it’s become my post trip mantra. Well that and Dory’s ‘just keep swimming’


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33 thoughts on “Welcome home -sort of ”

  1. Oh, I found myself nodding to all of these (apart from the cling film…). It’s the people who say “how was your trip” on their way out of the door, or as you’re rushing out of the office on day one back…they’re clearly not interested! I make up a tale like “it was fab, except for the shark attack” just to see if they’re actually listening to my response 😂

  2. Luckily we have not had jet lag too bad. Ask me when we return in October! Things or I should say people, and their routines don’t change so much. It feels like we never left. I am going to enjoy blogging about NZ! Enjoy your next trip back to the homeland 🙂

      1. Melanie it’s only for a month to catch up with people etc. Will no doubt do a few roadtrips while there. Oh and deal with a whole lot of ‘junk’ at my brother’s place and put some of it into our storage unit. Not ready to leave this lifestyle just yet. We love it over here

  3. Haha quite true! People at work always asked me “how was your holiday” but they didn’t actually want to hear 😆 No cling film though, haha!

  4. I can relate to a lot of these things! Maybe not getting my desk cling filmed (lol) but being forced to wear decent clothing and not just pull the straight from the beach-look all day. Ah, vacation blues…

  5. hehehe you clearly have office mates that care. They wanted to make absolutely certain that all your stuff was still fresh and in pristine condition when you returned 😉

  6. Honestly I can relate with every single on of these. The how was your trip is the hardest one for me and I really never know how to answer so I say “oh it was okay” then confusing everyone who has seen pictures online where it looks like I had a blast. I also don’t want to flaunt in people’s face what I have been up to. Also your coworkers sound like the type of people I wouldn’t mind returning to ahahaha

  7. Ahh, the dreaded post-holiday come down 🙁 it’s the worst. All the normal responsibilities are still there, you can’t drink cocktails all day and it’s too blooming cold!! Loved your little list, it’s really accurate!

  8. OMG I cannot believe your co-workers did that to your desk!!! Since I work at home, I don’t have this problem lol but my biggest reality-crashers after a trip are 1) laundry, 2) having to get my kids back into their school routine, 3) unpacking, and 4) thinking every moment of the day about what I’d be doing at that very moment if I were still on vacay (sipping a drink on the beach, reading/lounging by the pool, eating food someone else prepared for me instead of having to shop for and cook it myself, etc.)

  9. I recognise all of these!

    I find the “how was your trip” questions really hard if it comes after living abroad. You have to say something non-committal as you can’t really summarise years of your life within a minute. In the end, I’ll just say “it was brilliant” or something that sounds so fake. 🙁

    Your colleagues are amazing to have cling filmed your desk though!

  10. Hello Mel

    Well, it seems we have a bit in common. We’re from South Australia, but lived in England- St Albans for a few years- and loved it. There was much that I really enjoyed, and I distinctly remember heading home from the pub on our first Friday, and thinking as I strolled down the high street, yep, I’m going to enjoy this!

    Anyhow, the pull of family and friends meant we returned, but it remains one of the great experiences.

    And I really like Somerset too!

    Thanks. I’ll be back to read some more.

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