Throwback Thursday – I was a young mother once…

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Throwback Thursday – Feeling nostalgic

Recently I was away from home and on my own for the day.  It was quite a novel experience and one I enjoyed immensely!

I went for a run along the Yarra Trail (in Melbourne) and ended up at the Collingwood Children’s Farm cafe for a sit down and a reviving cup of tea – OK and a muffin 😦

Sitting there looking around me, I was immediately taken back to the time in my not so distant past.  As a young mother, I would often take my three daughters out and about to similar places.  I saw many mothers, and some fathers, having a fun time enjoying the fresh air, the animals, the bonding with others and simply being out of the house for a few hours.  There were also the upset toddlers, the tired mothers, the disgruntled babies and the not-so-fun stuff going…

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