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I’ve got to know Francesco on Instagram and he is the king of travel inspo with his landscapes! 

From his feed I have discovered so many places in Italy that are now on my ever growing ‘To Travel’ list. The colours, his use of light, the views he chooses to capture are all key in creating that wanderlust that you just want to get out and explore.  His photographs are pieces of art! I’ve included links below so that you can see for yourself. Trust me you won’t regret it. 

So let me introduce you to Francesco..

So I am an Italian 24 year old guy who loves literature, art and photography. In fact I’m also a poet, a photographer, a designer, a geek, a graphic designer and lot of other things that are not important at the moment! I try to live a life peacefully and I hope to expand my mind every day more and more. 

Where us the best place you’ve been? And why? 
The best place I’ve been to is Lyon, the city exudes magic in all it’s corner and its amazing the amount of art she can contain. Lyon is a city full of stories.
What is your favourite type of trip/holiday? 
I love travelling solo and also in couple. I think that solo travelling fullfills the essence of the wunderlust and sensucht in all their own way. In a couple you share, you grow and you breath together which is amazing. 

 Tell us the funniest story from one of your adventures?

At Chiusi Della Verna  there is a sanctuary, which is really really beautiful on top of a mountain. One of my friend come with me to visit with only a pair of gym shoes. We didn’t know that in Chiusi there was a lot of snow! So we visited anyway and we had so much fun! 

What is your favourite photograph from your travels. (Include said photograph) 

This is a hard one but maybe it’s this one. It’s a nun going into the Cathedral of Spello ­čÖé 

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be? And why? 

I wanna come back to Lyon, I feel that I have still a lot to see there! 

What is the best piece of travel advice you could give? 

Google maps is your best travel mate!

To find more from Francesco click the links below -seriously do follow his Instagram it really such a piece of art! 



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