15 Reasons to Visit Venice

  1. Getting lost is the BEST way to explore
  2. Try to visit in Spring or Autumn as these are the best seasons to explore.
  3. It will be weird to not see cars but you won’t realise this till you head back to the airport
  4. There are 417 bridges in Venice. I dare you to try and cross them all. The Rialto bridge is one you need to both walk over and sail under. 
  5. Factor in the cost for a Vaporetto pass as this will help with your exploring. It will save your achy feet and really you have to see Venice from the canals as much as possible.
  6. Every corner, bridge and canal is a picture perfect moment so get ready to get snapping. 
  7. Don’t just stay in Venice get out and explore the other islands in the lagoon like Burano, Lido and Murano
  8. You can hire bikes and ride around Lido (fun fact this is where the Venice Film Festival is held) 
  9. A Gondola ride is going to be pricey but where else can you do this? Surely the experience far outweighs the expense. 
  10. Visit Burano to see the amazing coloured houses and eat the ‘s’ shaped cookies this island is known for 
  11. When in St Mark’s Square ensure you go up the Bell Tower. You get to see a different side of Venice and the lagoon 
  12. As frustrating as wet shoes will be experiencing Acqua alta is soo interesting to witness. Ovs not ideal for the locals though and there is a lot of working being done to minimise it. It has also been said to be one of the reasons people move out of Venice 
  13. You need to buy a carnival mask in Venice even if you aren’t there during carnival 
  14. Try to eat away from the St Mark’s Square as it is pricey in this area. You will have just as beautiful buildings to look at a few streets back
  15. Get up early or stay up late and visit some of the more touristy sights so you can marvel at the magic of the city on your own. 

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34 thoughts on “15 Reasons to Visit Venice”

  1. I went to Venice when I was about ten years old so wasn’t at an age where I could fully appreciate it… I remember really fat pigeons and loving the Venetian masks but that’s about it! I’d love to revisit, and your photos are beautiful!

  2. I love your photos! I also followed on Instagram and saw that you were in my neck of the woods recently. Very cool! I hope that you enjoyed your visit to New York too!

    1. Thanks so much!! I just followed you bacl on Insta. Yes was in NYC last year for the 2nd time. LOVE it there and hopefully getting back over there soon so will need some local tips x

  3. I love Venice. It’s too bad I broke my camera on my last trip there and lost all of my photos of a clear beautiful day! I have yet another reason to go again!

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