Captured To Share – Auckland 

As many of you will know we’ve recently returned back from adventures in New Zealand. It was our first adventure to this beautiful country and it did not disappoint! The scenery, the people, the experiences and the truly majestic landscape. I’m already thinking about when we can next visit and what we still need to see.

We’ve blogged about a few of our experiences already and you can read about some of them here (there is still plenty of stories still to be shared!)


Wine on Waiheke

Martha Mine

Whilst we are still getting pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard so to speak we’ve written a post for our friends Captured to Share about our Top 5 things to do in Auckland.   Do check it out and this link will take you there

One of the best things we did in Auckland was seeing in the New Year.  We were surprised at how quiet it was especially compared to New Year Eve’s we’ve had in Sydney previously. We were able to have a lovely meal (without a booking!) and then stand with a fair amount of personal space and see the New Year in with fireworks off the Sky Tower. Auckland is the first city to welcome in the New Year and a night that will forever go down in our list of best nights EVER.

We only had 4 days in Auckland and by no means were able to see all of the cities delights so if we have missed anything off do let us know for next time we are down under.



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  1. For some reason when thinking of New Zealand only the beautiful mountains & countryside come to mind.
    Auckland looks like a beautiful city.

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    1. Yeah I didn’t know what to expect either. It’s a lovely city!

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  2. What a wonderful new year! I am surprised it is relatively quite in the country that celebrates the new year before anyone else.

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    1. Yeah we were too. You would expect a bigger fuss made but all rather low key x


  3. noellekelly says:

    I have such fond memories of New Zealand, I definitely want to return!

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    1. It’s so beautiful isn’t it! I loved visiting the North Island and need to get back to the experience the South Island x


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