Globetrotters – Housesitter Suzanne

This weeks Globetrotter is Suzanne from the blog Global Housesitter x2.

As her blog name would suggest she has the amazing job of Housesitting all over the world.  I honestly think this would be an amazing way to discover new places and just think of all the stories the places she stays have to tell.

Thankfully she blogs so that we can all see and hear these adventures with her. Links to blog and social channels will be below so you can see more from Suzanne.

I met Suzanne in a blogging facebook group and she has been a huge support with my blog and social channels. I love that I was able to find someone who loves travelling as much as I do but gets to do it in a way that isn’t often publicised. That’s one of the best things about blogging you get to meet kindred spirits that you can learn from and most importantly take inspiration from.  Suzanne will certainly do that so …

Without further ado let me hand you over to Suzanne


Why do you enjoy travelling?
We love to travel to broaden our minds on how people around the world live and experience their slice of heaven.  I enjoy eating 100’s of varieties of cheese and a few of ice-cream.

How did you get into housesitting?
We have always enjoyed slow travelling, and, when returning from spending three months in Europe and the UK, we wanted to go back and experience this part of the world more in depth.  In December 2015, we accepted for our first house sit in Cornwall which began in February 2016.  From then we have been full-time housesitters.

What is the best part of housesitting in your travels?
The best part of housesitting is: we engage with the locals and become, for a little while, part of that community. It’s very enjoyable to spend more time in one place than we otherwise would do when “tourists” – plus it keeps us busy and active, provides added focus and more interest in our travels. We stay focused on the area of our housesit and come away with a more in-depth knowledge of the history, the people and overall life in that area.

The funniest story from one of your travels?
While in Tokyo, we asked a girl walking her bike where was a specific computer shop.  Well, that was it we had the complete rundown on how to get to it within minutes. With the directions lodged in our memory bank, we headed off.  Then we got diverted by an interesting building to the right instead of the left.  Big mistake.  The girl was on her bike and by our side before we knew it and herded towards the correct place.  We were acting like a sheep herded into a pen, and we didn’t want to go in straight away.

Favourite photo from your travels?

globetrotter Suz
It is hard to choose as I have thousands of pictures, with most back in New Zealand in storage!  I think one photo that represent’s our adventures now, would be of two dogs Dotty and Jake, and the dirt path we walked numerous times while caring for them last year in Brittany, France. A focus on caring for animals, their home and exploring where the locals go.

Favourite place?
Seriously, we don’t have a favourite one as all the places we have visited have been incredible to explore. All locations have good and bad parts to their stories.  So what is one place that has been slightly more memorable than the rest?  It would have to be Tokyo, Japan with Oporto, Portugal a close second.  See, it is very hard just to mention one place!

Best piece of travel advice you could give?
Just get out there and do it.  Take in the most valuable information while doing it, listen to your gut instinct, have travel insurance, small suitcase and patience.

You can find Suzanne here and do check out her blog and social channels





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  1. You are both brilliant blogs to follow. I am so glad I found you both via that facebook group!! 😀

      1. Thanks for your kind words! House sitting is something that could interest us so if you have any tips I’d be happy to chat. I’ll go back through your blog and read up!

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