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Reading Melody’s ‘About Me’ page on her blog was so refreshing to read. She homeschooled for 8 years and her parents used every hint and tip in the book to take the family to far-flung places to see more of the world. I also like her honesty in not knowing what she wanted to do when college didn’t go to plan so saving up and funding her own travel adventures for a year to help working things out. What better way to learn than getting out and involved with the world around you.

I especially love reading her posts about America- the cities,  the hikes, the road trips the views. America isn’t a country I have seen too much of so to read about it through her blog just drives further inspiration to get over the pond and explore.

Her Instagram page has lots of wanderlust worthy pictures of her travels and I especially like that she’s always smiling and her zest for life, fun and travels comes through in each photograph.

So let me hand you over to Melody,

I’m Melody a 21-year-old travel blogger from Florida in love with exotic food and spectacular views and always on the search for more spectacular places to visit.

What do you enjoy most about travelling?
What I enjoy most about travelling is the people I get to meet from all over the world! I’ve made some of my best friends from travelling!

Why do you think travelling is important?
I think traveling is important because it allows minds to grow from seeing other parts of the world and seeing how we as people are not so different from each other. We’re able to unite and grow together when we see other perceptions from other parts of the world.

What is your favourite photograph from your travels.

This one is my favourite picture because I love mountains and being in Austria where the picture was taken in the middle of hiking really captures the beauty of what I saw that day and the fact that my amazing Austrian host mom took it makes it all the more special.

Which is your favourite – sun, snow, sea, city, mountains, country?
I love being able to hike in the mountains because I come from Florida where the land is really flat and it’s not something I see all the time.

Who do you usually travel with?
Usually, I travel with my amazing family including my mom, dad and younger sister.

If you were to give one piece of travel advice what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to get out there and try out new things!

Tell us the funniest story or a mishap from one of your adventures?
I was kayaking in St. Maarten with a friend of mine who swore they could kayak but they didn’t and it took us almost an hour to travel a couple yards away from the beach and my friend who kept jumping out of the boat said he was “helping” by pushing our boat further away from where we suppose to go. At the end, he said I took so long kayaking even though we both knew it was him.

Where is your favourite place that you’ve been to?
Bavaria, Germany because the food and beer are amazing and I have never met more hospitable people in my life there. And the alps are spectacular as well and leave me breathless every time.

Tell us one place/experience on your bucket list?
I would love to go to Bali on a retreat of some sort and just enjoy the place and monkeys!

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  1. So Cool! My family and I have had kayak mishaps as well when we were in South Carolina… 3 hours with nothing to show! PS- Bali is in my shortlist too 🙂

  2. +1 for coming from a flat area (in my case Cambridgeshire) but being entranced by mountains.

    This is a lovely post.

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