14 Facts Every Traveller Should Know…

  1.  The journey is always just as important as the destination. Yes in a strange way those 6 methods of transport and 30 odd hours of travelling is just as important as that picture perfect beach you end up on.
  2. Ask and more importantly listen to others on where to go and what to see. Read blogs, search Pinterest, read travel guides, ask friends in the flesh (or on social media), read reviews, lust over snaps on Instagram and get inspired by others. Recommendations from others might set you off to some place you’ve never heard or even let you find your new favourite place.
  3. Do you plan your life down to every minute or every day?- no. So you shouldn’t do the same with your trip. Have a rough plan but leave a bit up to chance you never know where you might find yourself or who you might meet.
  4. It’s ok for not every part of the trip to be amazing or as you expected it to be. Don’t dwell on it just let it go (try saying that without pretending your Elsa).  You don’t want it to ruin your overall adventure.
  5. Everyone looks shit after being on a long haul flight. The cankles, the dry skin, the greasy hair, dried drool on your chin (ok maybe that’s just me)  it’s ok. Sadly it’s unlikely you’ll be papped at the airport so don’t dwell on your post flight style.
  6. As Theodore Roosevelt said  ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. Don’t compare yourself to that girl on the beach who is a bronzed toned goddess or to that traveller you met in the bar that’s been to more countries than you or has a better picture of a temple in Thailand. You are you and this is your journey. For everyone you compare yourself to there is someone who is probably using you as their compassion. 
  7. Stay in contact with home. Sadly the world is changing and it’s not always as safe as what we once perceived it to be to explore all four corner of the world. Our news headlines are dominated with evil people trying to test us and while you are off exploring, people at home will worry about you. So check in with them. Thankfully with technology the way it is you should be able to connect fairly easily.
  8. Take photos – lots of them just remember that everyone isn’t going to want to see them when you return. You will though. A month, year or 10 years later you’ll be thankful for every photo Even that awkward selfie you took where you tried to take it  to look like you weren’t taking a selfie as you didn’t want everyone else there rolling their eyes at you. Future you will smile and be able to be transported back to the trip so suck it up and take all the pictures and selfies you want. 
  9. Go away with your girlfriends. I love going away with my family and with my better half but what I love most is holidays with my girls. If you’ve not been on a girls holiday then grab your BFFS and book up a trip. It is the best thing you can do!
  10. Get lost. In a good way. I can assure you will find something you would never expect to find.
  11. Marvel. Be in awe. Appreciate the world. A sunset, a beautiful church, a street performer captivating a huge crowd, a waterfall wherever you end up take a moment to marvel at just how amazing this world is. 
  12. Similar to the above take a moment without your phone and camera.  Slightly contracting myself for point 8 but… trust me sometimes you just need to put down the phone and look up. See the world with your eyes rather than behind a lens or through a tag in on Facebook.
  13. Labels suck. Who cares if your tourist, a traveller, a nomad, or if you are travelling halfway around the world or only going to the next town over to explore. It really doesn’t matter you are getting out there to see another part of the world and broaden your own viewpoint. There is nothing better than that.
  14. Have the best time you possibly can!

91 thoughts on “14 Facts Every Traveller Should Know…

  1. Really resonate with 2 and 3. When we went to Puerto Rico on our honeymoon, we read up on what other people had done beforehand, but we didn’t have any real script as to what we were going to do and we sort of winged it. Makes it much more interesting compared to having every second of the day planned out.

  2. Getting lost scares me though! Love your website and love your way of writing! You speak truth. We spend so much time behind a camera, we should really put it down and embrace what we’re seeing!

  3. Great advice! I love the one about not planning every minute. It’s important to relax and enjoy yourself.

  4. I loved points 8 and 10. Taking photos is crucial. Down the line, every photo helps us in remembering the trip that we had and the memories associated with it gets a kick start.

  5. Ok, those are 14 points to ponder before travelling. You write straight from your heart and only the truth. Taking photos and travelling with friends are most exciting than better halves. Because you are lot relaxed and less worried.

  6. Completely agree with no. 10 (and the rest too). Getting lost whilst travelling has provided some of the best times for me. It’s when I’ve done most of my marvelling.

  7. Great post and your love of travel is just delightful to see. Glad to be a part of it all and like the point about staying in touch with family especially in this day and age. Xx.

  8. great tips. I used to go away with my girlfriends a lot, but we have two little kids now, so we rarely get time just the two of us, let alone time for friends. but I’d really like to start that again soon. actually, I’ve barely been travelling lately. ah, well, life’s a journey …

    1. Ha yes Life is a journey and I’m sure you’ll get off on some trips soon. A lot of my friends have started having little ones so the girls holidays have slowed down or in some cases only go away for 1 or 2 nights.

  9. Great advice. #3 is something I truly believe in. Read, learn and make a rough itinerary, but don’t follow the guide to the tee. If you see something else outside of your itinerary that attracts your eyes, just go for it and see where it takes you. Because surprise is the spice of life, especially while travelling.

  10. I get so disappointed when people start arguing over visitor/traveller/tourist- does it really matter?? You are exploring somewhere new, and that should be celebrated, not pushed down. Enjoy everywhere, no matter what!

  11. During our last trip to a destination, I left my phone AND camera behind during a day excursion. It was both freeing and weird! But, I’m so glad I did.

  12. These are great tips – I’m guilty of overplanning and then stressing on the day because I can’t squeeze everything into 24 hours, really need to work on that haha x

    1. Thanks so much. It can be hard not to especially when there is so many things to see. I also need to go easy on myself when I don’t get to see everything I wanted and not let it stress me out. Just have to remind myself that I can always go back again one day.

  13. Lovely pieces of advice. I like planning my trips but I like some surprises too. So I dont really plan 100%. I leave about 20-30% of my trip to just roam around wherever my feet take me without any plans. Yep, I just walk around and take public transport.^_^ I love it and I always explore more.

    1. I think that’s the only way to be. It’s far to ridged if you’ve completely planned it all out. Finding hidden gems or places your weren’t expecting is the best part

  14. ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. This is the best thing I’ve read all day. I love this post. Traveling is so important and it’s really crucial for travelers to open up their senses when they discover a new place!

  15. I love the thought of getting lost somewhere and discovering things no one else has! Im off to vegas in february with my little sister and cant wait!

  16. Loved every bit of this post. Yeah, the photos carry the best memories and it’s fun to see them years later because, with them, we relive every little joy of those moments.

  17. I am almost 30 years old and want to travel. I have only been to 3 states :(. This list was so very helpful. I definitely love the safety tips for keeping in touch with home as well as the don’t plan everything to the last minute. That sucks the fun out of it. I know I will enjoy the world with my kids once I get things running. This post was definitely a boost!

    P.S. We’re (the kids and I) visiting San Diego in July. I can not wait!

  18. So agree with #3 and #10. Have something planned for the trip is always great and safe, but impromptus trip always gives the best surprises.

  19. These tips are spot on! I really like the on about planning a trip – if you don’t plan every moment of your day at home, you shouldn’t plan every moment of your trip. It’s a good one!

  20. Hi Melanie,
    nice post. I really agree with 3 and 12. I always had the best encounters when I haven´t planned anything in advance and also it is really important to live the moment.Technology is important but can also distract from seeing the beauty in the moment.

  21. I love this article, especially it is unlikely you will be papped after a long haul flight, oh what those poor guys and gals at border control must think when I get off a plane. Thanks great article

  22. And every traveler should know that the country they travel to is not bound to make them feel like they’re home in a way, like they can do whatever they want at all costs. I see a lot of entitled travelers around who seem to forget this part a lot.

  23. Great tips here! I totally agree with the one about just having a rough guide, you need to be open to changing your plan slightly depending on factors when you are there 🙂

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