Photo Diary – Cheddar in the Snow

The Beast from the East and Storm Emma took the UK back to a cold and chilly winter last week. Almost the whole country braced freezing winds, temperatures that barely broke zero degrees and a thick and lovely blanket of snow.

I’ve experienced a few snow storms whilst living here but this was one of the worst and…. prettiest. Schools and office closed their doors, panic buying ensued, sledging became a local sport, communities banded together to help one another, people were stuck in trains, cars and buses, everyone checked the weather apps over 100 times a day and the country ground to a halt. It was an interesting week and not one we were all expecting as the daffodils had started waking up and spring was supposedly just around the corner.

For some, the snow was a cause for chaos and for others, it was an excuse to not put away the bobble hats and winter coats and have one last wintery hurrah before the temperatures start rising.

The snowy scenes were just too picturesque to miss so I took my trusty camera and headed out and tried to capture the village of Cheddar in all its winter glory.

Cheddar, Somerset is in the South West of the UK and known for its cheese, Gorge and caves. It’s pretty little place even without the snow and is well frequented by adventurers hiking, cycling, climbing and cavers as well as those in search of a country retreat of cute accommodations and welcoming pubs. It’s a beautiful place to visit any time of year.

Welcome to our first photo diary of Cheddar in the snow

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28 thoughts on “Photo Diary – Cheddar in the Snow”

      1. More than our fair share I think! It’s finally starting to clear today so hopefully back to normal tomorrow… no more two and a half hour journeys for my 8 mile commute…

  1. Some beautiful pictures, and that dogs eyes!! And yes, loved the thongs – clearly an Aussie I’m guessing? We visited Cheddar on our first visit to the UK many moons ago, it’s all a blur now.

  2. I’m sad the snow is gone now up in Scotland- I was quite enjoying being off and being cosy at home haha. But at least the shops have food again! The photos you took are lovely! But I can’t believe you went out in your flip flops hahaha.

  3. I can’t believe how much snow you had. I’m only three miles away and it doesn’t feel like we had as much as you did! Lovely pictures!

  4. Wow that’s a lot of snow! I did hear this was one of the worst snow storms in the history of the country. I can’t imagine the freezing temperatures you’re experiencing at the moment. But, what beautiful pictures!

  5. Great photos Mel! You got lots of it!
    We got a bit at the beginning of the week and schools were closed all week!
    Love your flip flops in the snow photo!!! 🌧❄😊

  6. Like everyone else, I laughed out loud when I saw your thongs in the snow!! Crazy lady!

    I quite like snow in the UK. It never lasts long, so you sort of have to get out and see that prettiness!!

  7. Gorgeous pics! I’m ready for some warm weather, though. I live in the midwest in the US and we’ve had a lot of snow this winter. I’m ready for spring and summer!

  8. Beautiful! I especially love the pictures of the cobblestone buildings with their warm lights on. The snow makes them look especially inviting. Oh, and the sweet picture of the beautiful pup is precious too.

  9. These are such wonderful photos! You live in a very photogenic town. 🙂 And how cool to get to experience such a heavy snow! It never snowed a single time during the three years we lived in London! Booo.

    Also, flip-flops in the snow?! Haha!

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