Annual Bloggers Bash Awards – Best Pal Nomination

This year in on the 19th May,  the 4th Annual Blogger Bash is being held in London. On the same day as Harry and Megan get married. Sadly my invitation for the wedding got lost in the post but.. I did get something just as good and that is a nomination for Best Pal in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards that will be announced at the Bash!!

If you’ve not heard about the Annual Bloggers Bash and the  Annual Bloggers Bash Awards then where have you been! Every year there is a day for bloggers to get together, learn, listen, share and finally put a face behind the names that give your blogs some of the best support. Its run and organsied by a master team who continually ensure that the Bash gets bigger and better every year.

Last year I watched along on facebook live but this year my mum Debs World is over visiting and we are venturing to the capital to have our first taste of the Annual Bloggers Bash.

There is literally so many awesome blogs within all the categories if you’ve not heard of some of them get click happy on the links and discover some new blogs to follow.

The Wandering Darlings is shortlisted in the Best Pal category. (Woohoo!) Which is summed up as the blogger you’d like to go to the pub with, once her replies to comments or leaves thoughtful notes. Basically a blogger that makes the blog-o-sphere a better place.

I am so chuffed to be nominated and especially for this category. The only downside is that some of my favourite bloggers are also nominated in this category but hay it’better when you know your in awesome company. We’d love for you to vote for us but even more we’d you to check out all the great blogs recoginsed in this list.

Click here to vote

So not only is the short list full of amazing blogs to discover but you can also vote for your favourite in each category!! You don’t need to log in or even leave an email address its a really easy process. Well, easy voting process,  trying to decide who to vote for is the hard part!

Voting closes midnight 30th April  (BST) so there is still a good few weeks to cast your vote.

Thank you so much for reading, following, liking,  commenting, sharing and of course for the nomination. It means so much to be even recognised that I already consider our blog a winner.


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6 thoughts on “Annual Bloggers Bash Awards – Best Pal Nomination”

  1. Congratulations on your nomination lovely! 💜
    Looking forward to meeting you and your mum!
    Who needs the Royal wedding when we have our own Bash to celebrate!

      1. I can 100% Guarantee it! The last two have been amazing!
        Once I’ve given my talk (eeeeks!) then I’ll be able to relax and enjoy everyone’s company!!!! <3

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