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Welcome to The Wandering Darlings! However you’ve found us I am glad you did and do hope you have a little snoop around our blog.
Bit of background for you- I’m Melanie (if your my mum or fiancé) or Mel (if your my friend) or Smellie (if your my bestest friends) and I’m a lover of travelling, adventures and general wandering around this amazing world of ours.

I live on the other side of the world from where I was born and raised and have done now for a third of my life.  My parents took me on my first overseas trip at 10 years old and those itchy travel feet have followed me ever since. Fast forward and now I’m a 30 something female who works my day job in media, travels when I can and live in a lovely little village with the fiancé and our house bunny Bruce.

Not only do I love going new places and experiencing new things I also love (should read obsessed) taking photos. Photos along with travel have always been apart of my life. My dad used to turn our laundry into a dark room to process photos the old school way. We have albums on albums and photo books full of family adventures and holidays. It was inevitable I’d end up a photo obsessed, travel obsessed blogger.

So this blog is a  way to share my pictures and stories and hopefully inspire and help others to visit places, move countries, see more of the world and have the best experiences. It is a combination of travel ideas, stories, challenges of living abroad, pictures, where I’ve been/going to, tips, ideas and hopefully in time contributions from others who have been to places I’ve not yet got to.

As any Aussie living in the UK you can find a whole section on the Expat life in the menu bar. Some advice and some musings as I’m sure if you are in this situation you will be able to relate. Well I hope you can.

We also have a regular Sunday feature where we have a Q&A with another travel blogger/Instagrammer. I love reading and learning from others and thought this would be a nice addition to the blog to help share others stories, tips, advice and recomendations. If you’d like to be involved then do get in touch.

I’m really hoping you find something that interests you on this page and decide to come back.  If you want to see something specific do get in touch! If you also like what you see then defo pop your email address in so that you get mail every time we post.

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That’s enough about me and I’d love to hear from you about your travels and tips and tricks so find me on the below and get in touch below



Ciao for now,

Mel x


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  1. Love your site, love your photos, love your banter. We would love to work with you at some point down the road. Will contact you soon. Thanks for the great content!

  2. G’day Melanie,
    I was really delighted to find your blog. I’m a very sentimental person and really loved what you wrote about collcting things from places when you travel. I look forward to reading more.
    xx Rowena

      1. Thanks very much. There are so many parallels. It’s also great to connect with bloggers down under. Most the people I hook up with are American or in the UK. As much as it’s great to connect with people further afield, I do feel a certain comraderie with Aussies and kiwis. Hope you have a great week xx Rowena

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