NYC or U.K.?? 

You'd never believe this was in NYC. Central Park looking more like the autumnal UK Countryside 🍁🍂🌰🎃🍃 #myfavouriteplace


Sharing the love 

As I've mentioned on here before I'm a big fan of Instagram and probably the one social media channel I use the most. I'm constantly looking at different travel hashtags and finding some amazing Instagram accounts. Some of these accounts are like mine much smaller accounts and they have amazing photographs, stories, adventures and inspiration. …

Maverick and Goose take to the skies

My other half loves machines. And I mean LOVES machinery. So for his birthday this year I got him an experience that could add to his long list of machines that he's driven... or in this case flown.  He was going to fly a plane. Luckily the day of the flight was a crisp sunny…