The High Line in NYC 

On my most recent trip to NYC one thing I really wanted to experience was The High Line. I’d heard about it from friends, witnessed lust worthy snaps on Instagram and started seeing it pop up on all the ‘must see in NYC’ lists on Pinterest. So I wasn’t going to be leaving the big…

NYC or U.K.?? 

You’d never believe this was in NYC. Central Park looking more like the autumnal UK Countryside 🍁🍂🌰🎃🍃 #myfavouriteplace

Ticked off the bucket list

   Trying to be ‘NYC cool’ and failing miserably 😂😂 crossing the Brooklyn bridge is now ✔️ off the bucket list  I visited NYC 6 years ago but was only there for a flying visit so stayed in mid town however my trip earlier this year I was determined to make sure I walked across…


   Well obviously this one from NYC has to go up today ❤️😍😘 Happy Valentine’s Day all  X

Jealous of my former carefree travelling self

Recently while in New York we used the subway ALOT and let me stress it  was perfectly fine and more importantly the best and cheapest way round the city. However there was only one time when I felt a little unsafe and that was on a completely empty platform with trains coming very few and far…