Globetrotters- Molly the Gypsy

This week’s Globetrotter is the delightful Molly from  Molly the Gypsy

Molly is soo similar to me in that she loves traveling and she loves the gram. She married these two together and created her blog around travel advice and stories and hints and tips on how you can step up your Instagram game.

I love that her favorite photo is of a lightning strike. I once spent a whole afternoon trying to get a similar shot but out to sea (as we were on a boat) and my aunty even said she would get me an iPad if I managed to catch it. Alas, my finger was not quick enough but Molly’s was so do check it out below.

My other half has mentioned a cruise holiday to me a few times but we were never sure which area would be best so this post here was so helpful. So nice to read an honest review on each place.

Another post of Molly’s I also enjoyed was how to score a hotel upgrade and going to try her tips on our next holiday Fingers crossed! Who knew it could possibly be as easy as just asking!!

So without further ado here is Molly from Molly the Gypsy

I started traveling as a child with my mother. She would take me on cruises or across the country. When my aunt moved her family to Italy it occurred to me that you could leave the country. Somehow it hadn’t occurred to me before that. I began international travel as soon as I could afford it and have never stopped. I’ve been to 36 countries and 49 US states so far, with so much more still left to see and do. I love to help others live their dreams and face their fears, which is how my Instagram and blog were born.

What do you enjoy most about traveling?

Cultures, adventure and people all fascinate me. I’ve always had an insatiable appetite for new experiences.

Why do you think traveling is important?

It’s easy to believe that the world is like you if you don’t venture into it. By exploring, you discover how many incredible different worlds exist within our own.

Where are you off to next? Or where have you just come back from?

I just came back from a drive through the United States. Next trip will be a cruise to Mexico (and maybe Cuba) for Thanksgiving.

What is your favourite photograph from your travels?

note-picture is coming!

All my life I wanted my very own lightning shot. Finally, off the coast of Greece, I was able to capture an INCREDIBLE shot showing several lightning strikes from two different storms in the distance. I used a slow shutter speed, so it captured several of them, including their veins. It’s my favorite!!

Do you have a pre travel ritual? If so what?

I pack light, pray and double check my list. I then always text my mom and bestie when I leave and arrive. It’s become a tradition.

Who do you usually travel with?

I use a TINY swivel suitcase (small enough to fit on even commuter planes) and a purse. That’s it.

If you were to give one piece of travel advice what would it be?

Go. Just go. Don’t worry about the when, where, why, how, etc. The world is waiting for you and life is far too short to see it all. Just. Go.

Tell us the most memorable moment you’ve had whilst traveling?  

That’s rough. My life is filled with beautiful memories from all over the world. One of my favorite memories is walking the streets of Pompeii. I’d wanted to see it all my life and standing there, walking the road, sitting in the brothel, seeing the bodies and taking in the enormity of what happened was a life-changing moment for me.

Where is your favourite place that you’ve been to?

Istanbul. The city is beautiful, the people are so friendly and funny, the coffee is incredible, the food is perfection and it’s the only city that spans two continents.

Where was one place that didn’t live up to the hype?

Niagara Falls. I landed at night and our taxi driver took us to the falls. I looked out and said, “Oh those are cute, but where are the real ones?” Those were the real ones. SUPER underwhelming. They’re pretty but SO little. I really expected them to be larger than life. They weren’t.

Tell us one place/experience on your bucket list?

I have only been to 36 countries, so there’s a ton more to see. A few I cannot wait to check off are Thailand, Barcelona, Cape Town, Sydney, Auckland, Prague and Auschwitz in Poland.

What is the one thing you wouldn’t travel without?

My inhaler. I’m an asthmatic and it’s literally the only thing I don’t go without.

Your go to or favourite book/film/tv series that always/ makes you want to travel?

Eat Pray Love and Tales of a Female Nomad are my super amazing, pro women, travel time books. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE them. I watch the movie all I can and wish they would make Tales into a movie as well.

What can readers find on your blog? was born of a love of both travel and Instagram. I LOVE that Instagram, unlike Facebook and the like, is just pretty pictures. I love how easy it is to follow people you like and to feel like you’re traveling the world with them. My blog is a celebration of that and helps people to either set up their own following, etc. or to find advice on best cruises to take or what to do in Puerto Rico.

Where does your blog name come from?

I’m Irish by descent, so being a gypsy or traveler is something in our blood. I’ve been described as a gypsy most of my life, so the name just kind of happened.

Do you have a favourite blog post? What is it and why?

I don’t. I think each one has a purpose and can help different people depending on their need. I try to ensure that my posts will be of benefit to someone.

To find more from Molly check her out here




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