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Candiss from Lost Not Found and I have two things in common, probably more things but two for certain, and that is we both love to travel and we both love photography. Her blog is full of wonderful stories and pictures from her adventures and her Instagram account has photographs that share her experiences more than words ever could. It’s a match made in heaven.

The best part of reading other travel blogs is finding new destinations to visit and seeing places you’ve always wanted to visit come to life. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. The music, the buildings, the smells, the sounds and the southern charm. This post from Candiss literally makes me want to book up a flight right now and go get absorbed in the atmosphere that you can see without even being there It just looks like SOOO much fun! I love that you can be an armchair traveller just by reading someone else’s words and seeing the world through their eyes.

You need to check out Candiss’s blog but you also need to make sure you check out her portfolio tab as the photographs are STUNNING. I am a huge sucker for beautiful photographs and these are next level. I’ve included all links to Candiss’s blog and social channels so you keep up to date with her stories, tips and some serious travel inspo.

Handing over to Candiss…

Hi, I am a native Californian and ex-fashion industry professional, I decided a year ago to ditch the high-stress life I was living for 6 1/2 years in NYC and return home to focus on photography and travel my two true loves. I have been to 21 countries in the 5 years I have seriously been travelling (most of those while still working full time) and I hope to add plenty more in this new chapter of my life.

What do you enjoy most about travelling?

I enjoy experiencing cultures that are different than mine and growing and learning about our world and myself through these experiences. I also enjoy catching up with my lovely friends that are scattered around the world as well 🙂

Why do you think travelling is important?

I think travel is important because it takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to reconsider your preconceived notions. The more people you meet and listen to the more you realise how similar we all are throughout this wide world of ours.

What is your favourite photograph from your travels?

My current favourite is one of the first shots I took in Cuba. It is from the inside of a restaurant and all you can really see is through the window with the pale coloured walls on the opposing side of the street and a blur of an old American car driving by.

Which is your favourite type of travel/holiday- sun, snow, sea, city, mountains, country?

My favourite type of travel isn’t so much type of place as experience when there. I love travelling anywhere where I am privy to a local perspective of the place.

Who do you usually travel with?

I have generally travel by myself between destinations but meet up with friends along the way as I am lucky to know people all over or have friends that want to meet up! More and more though I am travelling purely solo and enjoying that perspective as well.

If you were to give one piece of travel advice what would it be?

Just go, there will always be reasons that now is not the best time but just do it because you never know what life may throw at you in the future.

Tell us the funniest story or a mishap from one of your adventures?

Oh, there are quite a few haha, but one of the most annoying mishaps was in Morocco. I let my friend buy our return train tickets from Tangier to Marrakech for what I thought was the right day but it turned out they were purchased for the wrong day. Instead of riding the overnight train in a relatively comfortable sleeper car we were stuck in an 8 seat compartment. After much confusion with where our seats actually were, there was thankfully only us and one other girl but it was an uncomfortable ride, to say the least!

Where is your favourite place that you’ve been to?

This is a hard one but it would have to be the island of Kyushu of Japan. I went to a few different cities and the countryside and everything about it was magical. It doesn’t hurt that almost everything I ate on that trip was AMAZING!!

Where was one place that didn’t live up to the hype?

For me, this will always be Paris. Maybe my first experience there being a really really stressful work experience spoiled the whole place but I’ve been back 3 times since and I still just don’t get the attraction to it. Sure it’s pretty but Paris just has never had a hold on me…

 Tell us one place/experience on your bucket list?

There are so many! The ultimate would probably be visiting Bhutan but the next one I plan on checking off the list is a month in Vietnam (hopefully in October!)

What is the one thing you wouldn’t travel without.

My camera equipment! As a photographer, I would forgo most things to make sure my gear is with me to document my travels.

What can readers find on your blog?

Lost Not Found is a focused on telling stories of travel through narrative essays, high-quality imagery, and practical destination guides.

Follow Candiss here

Globetrotters – Hiya Jack 👋

This weeks Globetrotter is Jack  or as I know him on Instagram Jackthetrendytraveler- Hiya Jack.

From his Instagram feed and answers below you’ll see that Jack is someone who wants to see and experience as much as he can on not only his travels but in every day life. From absailing down mountains, crazy mountain biking or even paragliding  Jack shows that if you just sit at home wishing to do these things you will miss out on experiences that will change and enrich your life.

Jack is also a pro with his photography.  Very jealous of his drone and and also loving one of his recent 360 degress shot -so much so that you’ll be able to see a repost of this shot on my instagram from his recent trip to Amsterdam.

So without further ado let me hand you over to Jack-

Why do you enjoy travelling?
Travelling allows me to explore not just new cultures and people, but also to discover who I truly am. Meeting new people and experiencing new things changes you and changes how you see the world. You can’t broaden your mind like you can through travelling. You don’t want to just stare at pictures and listen to other people’s stories. You need to experience it.

Tell us the funniest story from one of your adventures?

Now I didn’t find it funny myself but whoever I tell this story to seems to have a grin on their face… I went to Morzine in the French Alps close to the border of Switzerland with my good mate Joe. We were off on a mountain biking holiday and riding some decent tracks. For those of you that are not too savvy about mountain bike routes, they’re similar to ski runs. Green runs are for families, blue are challenging for a beginner rider and then it steps up to a red route. These runs have jumps with ‘chicken runs’ meaning you can bail the jump and ride around it if you aren’t feeling brave. These were the routes Joe and I were riding. After the red routes, it steps up to black routes. These routes are for the gods of mountain biking. We actually saw a few riders sponsored by red bull riding these tracks. No doubt neither of us have the skill level for these huge jumps.

Anyway, as I was happily riding a red down the mountain, it was crisscrossing routes with a black one. Oh dear. Racing down pushing 40mph at some points there’s little room for error and there I am seeing black signs everywhere. Slightly concerned I think, no problem I’ll just get back onto the red route at the next junction. Meanwhile, Joe who’s riding behind me is laughing as he sees me take the wrong turn. (Caring friend I know…) First jumps coming up, sweats beading down my face dripping from my full face helmet. Up I go fully committed get some amazing air time. I eye up the landing and boom, through some miracle I land perfectly bystanders are watching this jump with heavy camera gear, the red bulls guys I assume. Phew, I’m feeling pretty good about myself but I see the next one not too far away. No worries, it doesn’t look as big as the last. I prepare myself and just as I hit the bottom of the jump some sort of squirrel thing runs out in front of me causing me to swerve. There’s no going back now and no way to correct myself. As I fly off the jump in completely the wrong direction that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up a few moments later. A circle of helmets haloed my vision looking just as confused as I was. Turns out I’d managed to go head to trunk as it were with a huge pine tree in an attempt to avoid the rodent. I managed to gingerly ride the rest of the route meeting Joe at the bottom who just started laughing once he’d seen my the grass and earth wedged in my full face helmet. So not the funniest of stories but definitely one  I won’t forget anytime soon!

What is your favourite photograph from your travels?

This photo was my first time at a Major League Baseball game where the Yankees beat the Bluejays (I forget the score). We’d just walked into the stadium as we were a little late, just in time for the Yankees to get a home run. Everyone stood up and went crazy. I stood there taking in the awesome sight whilst Connor my amazing friend from my American camp Wah-nee managed to grab this shot. Since then I’ve had it blown up onto a canvas which now hangs proudly on my wall. The sky was just as dramatic as the crowd, we didn’t know it then but the biggest rainstorm I’d ever witnessed was to happen halfway through the game!

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

I’d love to visit the Thailand! The geography there looks absolutely stunning. The culture there seems so interesting and the stories I’ve heard about the country sound so inspiring. I have to visit – it’s just a case of when!

What do you never travel without?

CAMERA!! The one thing I take everywhere is some form of camera. Whether it be simply my iPhone 6 Plus – cred to that camera, it’s a decent quality! I’ll always have my GoPro on me just because it’s so small and takes awesome photos! I’ll have my DSLR if I know there are some decent photos to be taken and I love taking my drone out. My phantom 3 has a brilliant 4K camera attached to a 3 axis gimbal that shoots amazing and I mean stunning videos and photos! Deffo recommend if you’ve got the cash, it’s well worth it!

What is the best piece of travel advice you could give?

This advice goes wider than just travel but applies all the same – take every opportunity! I live by this and it’s done me pretty well so far. Whatever comes your way, go for it! You never know where it might lead. If you get the opportunity to go scuba diving, for example, do it! You might end up finding a real passion for it and even end up getting a few qualifications. The before you know it you’re living the dream taking people scuba-diving in the Philippines or here there and everywhere! Just go for it!

To see more from Jack do check out his Instagram here

Globetrotters- Introducing Desi 👋

Our first Globetrotters interview is with the lovely Desi. I’ve got to know Desi on Instagram and let me tell you her Instagram feed is INSANE! Not only has she been to so many beautiful places but her shots cause some serious travel envy whoops I’m mean inspo! 😂 The gal has a way with her camera that seriously just transports you so you feel like you are there seeing it for yourself. Links will be below for you to follow/tweet/like but please don’t hold me responsible if you find yourself booking up a trip after seeing her accounts. 

So without further ado let me introduce you to Desi … 

My name is Desi, a Bulgarian Social Media Manager who has been living in London for the past 7 years. I first started traveling when I was 16 visiting neighbouring countries like Greece and Turkey. But it wasn’t until I spent 6 months in Poland (as part of the Erasmus exchange program) that really got me into traveling and exploring new places. Nowadays, if I’m not on the road I would be on the streets of London, visiting new exhibitions, trying new restaurants and best of all meeting new people. 

What is your favourite type of trip/holiday?
I was born in a mountain city surrounded by beautiful nature so I grew up loving and respecting the mountain, but at the same time I love exploring big cities. I love the energy of a buzzing city, observing the people, trying different food and yes, I’m a sucker for museums. It is important for me to learn more about the culture and the country where I’m traveling. 

My favourite type of trip is the one I can plan myself and would preferably combine both city exploring with a few days of adventure in the nature. 

Where is the best place you’ve been? And why? 
Iceland, for its jaw-dropping landscapes, towering mountains and black sand beaches. Also Reykjavik blew me away with its nightlife and music scene. Seriously, this country is stunning! 

Tell us the funniest story from one of your adventures?

You see, in Bulgaria we do things quite differently 🙂 We nod to say ’NO’ and shake head to say ‘YES’. I know it’s crazy! Of course, that led to some pretty funny and sometimes uncomfortable situations when I started traveling in my student years. For example, I was partying in a Polish club when someone offered me a drink, I politely refused by nodding, completely forgetting it was the other way around outside Bulgaria so the guy came up with drinks I didn’t even want. I have learned my lesson now and I tend to adapt to the situation so I switch to the ‘Bulgarian’ way when I go back instantly. 

What is your favourite photograph from your travels? 
Gosh they are so many, but the one that really brings me great memories is the photo my friend Karen took of me 3 months ago and now is also my Instagram profile picture too. The photo is from the Sahara Desert in Morocco. We did yoga in the desert that morning and watched the sun rise. Morocco treated us very well and I really love this country. 

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be? And why
That would be New Zealand. I have been wanting to go this country in a very long time. There are some of the most diverse environments on earth, from beaches and rainforest to mountains, lakes glaciers and even volcanoes. I am also a huge Lord of the Rings fan so that would be my dream trip. 
What is the best piece of travel advice you could give?
1. Take a spare battery for your gear and a portable battery for your phone. When you are on the go you want to have your devices ready to use so its best if you invest in spare batteries.
2. Choose the people you travel with wisely: it’s all too easy to get swept up in a “we should totally do this” moment – only to despair once you realize your travelling tastes aren’t compatible.

For more from Desi check her out here

IG: @thecuriousdesi

Twitter: @DesiKadyova

Snapchat: desi.ka


I’ve mentioned it on this blog a lot but Instagram is the main social media that I use. I think it’s because it’s very image led and I do love a good photo.

There are soooo many accounts and then even more travel accounts that you can get lost in the many inspiring shots of amazing places to visit. The larger accounts  get reposted all the time so back in October we started a Weekend Share details can be found here 

The weekend shares is only for accounts that have under 5k followers as a way to just get more promotion for some of these awesome accounts that don’t get as much exposure as the larger ones.

Here are some of the brillant photos and accounts we have reposted since October.

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There is so many beautiful places in this world that it’s our duty to share them with as many people as we can.


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Almost home time 

As my current adventure draws to a close I’m getting a little sad at the thought of reality drawing in and the routine of normal life.

Over the last three weeks my partner and I have been celebrating Christmas with family on the Gold Coast,  been surprised by best friends, gallavanted around the north island of New Zealand and now spending a few days in the heat in Brisbane before heading back to the cold and grey UK.

We’ve had some amazing experiences and I’m hoping the 24 hour flight will give me some good quiet time to get up to speed with my blog so I can share it all with you.

I’ve been updating Instagram with a few photos -rather small collection against the 1,800 or so I have still to go through #ithinkihaveanaddiction 📷 If you are on Instagram you can find me @thewanderingdarlings or on Facebook search for the The Wandering Darlings.

But reality  isn’t for another 4 days so as the sun is shining (its up soooo early in Brisbane!) I’m off to fill every last hour with fun, sun and excitement.
Keep an eye out over the next few weeks when I’ll be doing some mass uploading on our adventures down under.

Happy New Year



I wanted to go out and see something in my local area today but as per most people I’ve seen a lot of the key places. What’s a girl to do next- well if your me you go onto Instagram and look for inspiration.

I live in Somerset in the UK so went onto @loveforsomerset feed and saw a pic of this fab light house in Burnham on Sea .

Nice little walk along the beach and 100 or so photos later and now I’m here sharing with you. Goes to show you gotta keep uploading your travel pics you never know who’ll come across them and set off in your footsteps 👣👣👣🌏

Sharing the love 

As I’ve mentioned on here before I’m a big fan of Instagram and probably the one social media channel I use the most. I’m constantly looking at different travel hashtags and finding some amazing Instagram accounts. Some of these accounts are like mine much smaller accounts and they have amazing photographs, stories, adventures and inspiration. 

It’s just a shame that they aren’t always as exposed as they deserve. So to help share the love and inspiration I’m going to do a Saturday and Sunday feature. 

Whilst I know I’ve not got tens of thousands followers so I can’t offer huge exposure but every little helps right. 

If your not Instagram Tag @thewanderingdarlings or use #wanderingdarlings on your travel posts for your chance to be featured.


I can imagine like other bloggers you have several channels at which you put your stories, blogs, photos and content out on. It’s great that we can reach and be reached by so many different people in so many different places, however keeping them all up to date is almost a full time job! 

I seem to be so much better at updating Instagram than my blog. Probs need to work on that.  I try and post every day and maybe more if I’m on a roll. 

I guess  with blogging you constantly doubt yourself if you have anything worthy to say that people want to read and atleast on insta it’s just a nice picture to look and maybe a snappy description. No one has to invest on clicking into reading what you’ve wrote ..and then saved in drafts then rewote and then rewrote again before finally publishing.  I know such a first world problem! 

Anywho back to my initial reason for posting this. I’ve had an exciting this weekend just gone as I surpassed 1500 followers on Insta. 🎉🙌💃 

Woohoo my global domination is starting to take shape. 

If I haven’t lost you in this post yet I’m really keen to know what’s your best/most successful way to reach out to others? Blog? Facebook? Twitter? Insta? 

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