Hidden gems 

On our road trip from Cairns to Brisbane we tried to stop off at interesting sport that caught our eye along the road. We saw a sign for Murray Falls and thought that sounded like something we should check out. After a long drive down a very bumpy dusty road in the camper we came across this beautiful sight. Well worth the stop and just goes to show sometimes you need to go ‘off map’ sometimes and see what you find 💙🚐🇦🇺

Sunset delights

Australian beaches are not just beautiful in the day. Actually lets be fair they are just glorious all the time. But at sunset they are particularly stunning

We got to Noosa (in Queensland) about half an hour before the sun started to set. We’d been on the road in our trusty campervan got around 5 hours that day and we were not going to miss the chance of a little dip in the ocean.

So many people were still out enjoying the last of the daylight. Walking, swimming, sitting and building sands castles. The outdoor way of life was summed up right there on the beach.

As the sun started to drop down we sat in the sand and we were  just in awe of our surroundings.

The sky that goes on forever, ocean that goes on even further, colours you that you couldn’t imagine blending into one another, kids arguing with the parents as they don’t want to get out of the water, waves lapping against the shore, cicarders buzzing away in the trees and yet also a peaceful stillness hanging in the air.

It’s moments like this that really sum up Australia to me.

Paddington Station 

So I was travelling  (ok commuting) with the London set today and no matter how many times I get off the train here it always reminds me of meeting my mum when she came to London on her first solo overseas trip. My parent travel (ALOT!) must be where my sisters and I get it from but she usually is with my Dad. And my dad is one of those must be at airport 8 hours before a flight kind of blokes. This time however she came all across the seas to visit me for my 30th birthday. Bless her.

She’s a tough cookie, loves doing new things and one that won’t let anything stop her. So there she was waiting for me at the platform laden with her big backpacker back pack (which was like twice the size of her!) looking like a little green turtle all excited to see me but also excited to show herself that she’s got this. She can travel solo.

What ensued was hilarious tales which coincidently she blogged about and you can find here http://debs-world.com/2014/05/11/kindness-shown-to-a-stranger-on-mothers-day/

So as much as I enjoyed my London day today I actually enjoyed more being in Paddington Station thinking about my littlr turtle traveller Mum.

(Soz didn’t realise I’d get a bit soppy!)