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Travel Loving Parents

My parents have recently retired which, when they are still in their very early 60s/late 50s is really bloody early. I had like 5 mins worrying about what they would do with this new found freedom of the daily grind then I realised they are going to be even busier now than ever before.

You see my parents don’t sit still.

They get involved, they travel, they give back to the community, they find new places, they see different sides to places they already know, they challenge themselves.

I spoke to them last weekend and mum reeled off a list of everything they have planned till Christmas and every month they have something exciting planned in. New places, new experiences and new adventures and that on top of everything they have already done this year I just don’t know how they ever had time to work before.

Being the offspring of such inspiring, caring, empowering, sometimes cringy, overly energetic, life loving parents I wanted to write them a little letter…

The Wandering Darlings
The parents

A letter to my travel loving parents,

As I sit here in my lounge room on the other side of the world from you I think about how I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Not because you created me (ew that’s a bit weird) but because you brought my sisters and me up to be adventurous, fearless, inquisitive life loving women and more importantly you brought me to this little village that I now call home all those years ago. You set my path in motion over 20 years ago and none of us would have ever expected the decisions you made then to have had such an impact now.

You took us overseas before we even knew there was another side of the world and although you had to wait till your 30s to see outside of Australia we got to see it before we even hit our teens. We now know to do this you needed to sell the house, that the opportunity to do it happened at a really unideal time and that you were both scared about having to leave your families behind with little to no way to contact them with three temperamental little girls. The world was a different place then and it was either too expensive or the technology hadn’t been invented to keep in touch like it is now.

In doing what you did then and what you continue to do now, you taught us so many lessons. Seeing as you both are teachers seemed kinda adapt. Lessons such as an awareness of other cultures and religions, how to get to the airport way too early, how to not tackle roundabouts when driving on the opposite side of the road, how to be respectful of others beliefs, random acts of kindness especially when travelling speak volumes, how to be polite when eating new local cuisines, how trying to speak a different language with a thick Aussie accent is extremely hilarious and how to enjoy and relish the moment of being somewhere new.


They love a rail trail!

I want to thank you for bringing exchange students into our lives. From our ‘sister Sophie’ when we were much younger to our ‘brother Hannes’ who helped fill the void for you when we all left home. We learnt about the world and other countries from having them in our life. We not only had them become (and still are) part of our family but we also became a part of theirs. I love how you are actively involved in rotary exchanges to help give other young adults the chance to explore a different culture and way of life. The way you help others is so inspiring and I only hope I can do something similar if I’m fortunate enough to have children.


Thank you for being involved in community projects and especially The Tumba2Kokoda Project that takes students in our small town on one of the most exciting adventures of their lives. The months of training, fundraising and organisation that you commit in itself is enough but then to do the trek along the Kokoda trail 7 times with the students must be one of the most rewarding things you do.

For always having a camera on hand to capture our moments and filling the spare room with more photo albums you could ever imagine. My obsession with photos started from you Dad! As much as we joke and laugh that you’ll make a ‘blurb book’ when you get back from a trip we know the value of having those photo books and love the stories they’ll continue to tell years from now. Mum, you have always been my biggest blogging fan you helped me, critiqued my posts, liked my photos, fixed my spelling and guided me on my own corner of the internet.

Thank you for being the type of parents that my friends make comments like ‘ can’t your parents just have a relaxing holiday’, ‘your parents go to amazing places’ It gives me something to aspire to. You don’t sit still you keep going and keep pushing to see more of the world.

Thank you for the long drives to Grandma and Grandpas every summer holidays, the long camping trip around Europe when all we wanted to do was stay at home with our friends. We learnt the joys of ‘boot picnics’, how to make friends and communicate with other children when we didn’t speak the same languages and that you don’t need to always get on a plane to have an adventure.

For making friends wherever you go and then actually keeping in touch with them. You did this long before Facebook and email were around to make it easier.

For having the type of holidays that push you outside of your comfort zone. Hiking in Nepal, exploring India, cycling through Croatia, solo travelling to England. You’ve shown us that you’re never too old or too scared to give something a go.

Thank you for not stopping my sisters and me when we got on all those many planes taking us away from you to let us continue our next steps in the world. I now it was and is still hard but thank you for being the parents that know you raised us to make the right decisions, to learn from our mistakes and to know who we are and that it’s ok to be whoever we want to be.

Thank you for now not crying until I’ve gone through the departure gate when we say our farewells. It’s funny how saying goodbye never gets any easier even though we have done it more times than I can count. The horrible goodbyes make the G’days so much sweeter.

For helping at times to fund our travels but also saying no and making us work 3 jobs to make the money ourselves. We know to have and enjoy something we need to earn it. Travelling isn’t an expectation or right it’s a privilege and that is a lesson I will always be thankful that you taught us.

I am who I am because of you and I am where I am because of you. For sacrifices, you made years ago and sacrifices you still make now and for that, I will always be so very grateful.

You are the best role models a little traveller and young (well kinda still young) woman could have.

‘At rejse er at leve’

Much love,
Your favourite daughter

My mum is also a blogger and you can find her at she blogs about lifestyle, fitness, family and her and dads travels and you’ll find some hilarious stories over on her blog. So do check it out if you want to read more about these wonderful humans.

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  1. Damn it Melanie that post of yours made me tear up in a good way. That is so lovely. This time our lives is so precious and I hope you and your partner have just as much fun xx

    1. Thanks so much! Been working on this for awhile so but nervous for the parents to read it. Mum will cry (hopefully) and dad will tell me off for such a soppy post. Wanted to make my 100th post a special one xx

      1. Well it nearly made me cry so yes your Mum will definitely cry. I think it is a wonderful 100th post and very fitting, with a family of travellers and bloggers. Award winning I am thinking 🙂

  2. Aw, this is beautiful Mel! I love reading about your family from both sides and I’m sure they are equally proud of “their favourite daughter” (although your sisters may beg to differ 😁)

  3. Lovely and true words. We are lucky to have your family as such wonderful members of our community. My kids have benefitted from their commitment to our town.

  4. I can confirm that Debs cried – and your Dad went quiet until he could control his voice enough to speak.

    Lovely post Mel.

  5. Oh this is just lovely. What an amazing adventure both you & your siblings and your parents have had. It sounds like they really have brought you up right 👍🏻

  6. I’m the first to admit it, I’m definitely a sucker for an awesome love letter- and this one made me tear up. What a beautiful tribute to awesome parents. I love that they brought adventure into your life by being adventurous themselves, by showing you how to make connections with others, and not being afraid to not quite know all the answers. They sound amazing, and I’m sure your every bit their “favorite” daughter. 🙂

    1. Thanks Angela!! It’s nice to be able to share with them how much they positively impacted our lives. They are the best!! I’m totally the favourite after this post. My sisters arent happy 😂

  7. I loved this post! Your parents are amazing. You are so fortunate to have them. I am sure you shared this post with them. I bet they are equally thankful to have you as their daughter. Keep up the good work!

  8. Reblogged this on Deb's World and commented:
    My very clever and talented daughter from the Wandering Darlings wrote this lovely post about us, her Travel Loving Parents, so naturally I just had to share it with you. Spoiler alert – it’s touching, heartfelt and moving.

    I’m proud of our daughters and believe that taking them travelling when they were young really helped shape them, and taught us many lessons, but believe me it wasn’t always easy! Hosting Rotary Exchange Students from all over the world has been a real joy and something we’re still very much involved in today.

    Yes we do love travelling and we know we are fortunate to do what we do. Life is full of opportunities and sometimes you just have to grab them and go!

    If you enjoy reading Melanie’s post, please feel free to leave a comment over on the Wandering Darlings site, rather than mine. She deserves the credit, not me!

    I enjoyed reading it very much – as I’m sure you can imagine 🙂

  9. What a wonderful post, Melanie. As a Mum in Aus with a daughter in London, it’s always reassuring to hear it from “the kid’s” point of view. I know that my daughter is in the right place for her, that she is enjoying life away from us. Oh yes, the airport goodbyes are tough, no matter how many times. But how good are the hello’s, the real hugs, even though you chatted online just a few days earlier. Enjoy the UK!

  10. Aw. Mel your parents are #parentsgoals. Definitely. I love reading your post. You have so much love for your parents, I adore it. You are blessed for having them. and your mom is so adorable posting a comment and gives you all the credit.

  11. Awww, this is such a sweet post! I am sure your parents must be really touched when they read it. How cool that you grew up exploring! And I think it’s great that your mom blogs, too. 😀

  12. Love this. You were so lucky to have the opportunities that your parents gave you. Your appreciation of those opportunities shows how well they raised you. I love Deb and her blog and I’m glad I got to know her a little bit more!

  13. Wow! What amazing parents and what a life! I’m quite envious! Beautiful letter to your parents. I’m sure they’re very proud of you. Your future children are in for a wonderful life too, by the sound of it!

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